NYC Map Table complete. Collaboration project with Made-In-ChinatownI made the top. He made the sexy bottom. Maps of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Buffalo, and Long Island covered with clear resin and varnish. Framed with walnut, maple, oak, poplar, and teak. Thanks to Ouigi and The Brooklyn Circus for pointing out and providing the maps and Pete Raho for the wood. 48x20x14. 

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Made-In-Chinatown is working on some legs for this coffee table. And then we will be trying to sell it for millions. Many many hours went into this as I had to learn some new techniques and work with new materials. Resined maps - the clear epoxy needed to be sanded flat and then varnished. I will attempt to never repeat this process again in my life. And high quality hardwood requires a lot more precision than beat up, reclaimed wood, so eliminating even the smallest cracks was imperative. A router came in handy. Table has teak, maple, walnut, oak, and poplar in it. All saved from a certain date with the landfill. 48x20x1.5. $1800.

All found materials. Resined maps from some shelving. All the wood is taken from the scrap bin at my shop. We have a cutting board maker in house. Found the piece of plywood to lay everything on in a dumpster. Will be adding some teak edges today - scraps from uhuru design, a place where I’m interning. 

When router meets resin. Mess.

Original Source: Dumpster outside The Brooklyn Circus. Almost passed it by until Ouigi popped his head out the door and said the box had old maps resined into the bottom. Gained a sweet piece and a cool friend all in 10 minutes of curiosity. 

Use: Part of desk top

Date: May 2nd, 2012